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ABLOY SENTRY is a manufacturing unit degree patented locking answer designed for professional settings reminiscent of locking machinery and fixtures. Safe Deposit Box Lock. We are able to present numerous varieties of safe deposit field locks. They are effectively-made and reasonably priced. When you want extra data and costs, please contact us! Home. Products. Safe Deposit Box. Vault Door/Bank Vault. Modular Vault Room. Phoenix Cashier SS0992KD Key Lock Deposit Safe £1,000 . £195.60 inc VAT. Bronze. More Info Compare . Burton Cashguard Large Vehicle Cash Collection Safe . £213.00 inc VAT. Bronze . More Info Compare . Safe deposit locks typically fall into two broad classes: mounted-lever locks and resettable locks. Fixed lever locks must be disassembled so as to alter the mixture. The sort of lock rarely fails, except someone damages them, either by making an attempt to drive the wrong key to work the lock, or by inserting one thing other than a key into the lock.

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